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How to reset OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed WebAdmin Password?

 Recently I published an article How to Enable Advanced WordFence Protection on OpenLiteSpeed? Eventually, I realized that some users were trying to access the OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed WebAdmin, but they lacked a password, and I completely missed the instructions for changing the password. As I mentioned in that article, I had intended to include this. However, as I realized later, it is a common need of many users to reset the OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed WebAdmin password as well.

In this article, I will explain how to reset the OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed WebAdmin password from the command line and access port 7080. Follow this few steps process and reset your password.  

Step1: Login to root SSH:

In the first step, you have to log in to your server ssh using any ssh client-like bitvise. Must log in as root.


Step2: Reset OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed WebAdmin Password:

To reset the OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed WebAdmin password first of all you have to migrate to this directory


To navigate in this directory use the command below:

cd /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc 

After navigating to this directory, now execute admpass.sh using command below:

admin password path

Step3: Set Password:

Once you run the above command terminal will ask you to set the username, default is admin.

Provide admin and after that, it will ask to set a password for OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed WebAdmin and then confirm that password. In the end, a success message will appear.

How to reset LiteSpeed WebAdmin Password?

All done you can use this password to access OpenLiteSpeed/LiteSpeed WebAdmin on port 7080 now.


Note: Replace <IP> with actual IP of your server.

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