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How To Disable Titles Showing On Videos In VLC

 When you first open a video in VLC, the title is usually splashed up on the bottom of the screen and I don’t like that. I found two ways to disable this.

First Way

Open VLC and go into the preferences: Tools -> Preferences, or open VLC and press the key combo Ctrl + P.

Then click on the Subtitles/OSD icon in the top menu.


Uncheck Enable On Screen Display (OSD) and Show media title on video startSave and Restart if necessary.

I originally came across instructions that suggested only uncheck the Show media title on video start option, which didn’t work on my system. I wasn’t aware at the time that I was supposed to uncheck them both.

Second Way

I found and tried this way, which did work.

Look for this file “vlcrc” in this path: C:\Users\(your account)\AppData\Roaming\vlc

You might need to show hidden files – Click Here.

It has no extension but you can open it up in notepad. Search for the lines:

# Show media title on video (boolean)


Change the second string by removing the # and set the value to 0. So it reads:

Save it and open VLC. It works for me.


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